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Android Apps - Trip cost calculator

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The "UK Trip cost calculator" is a simple AIR Android App, created in Flash and published for Android smartphones. The app takes three parameters and calculates the cost of a car journey. It's specifically for use in the UK, where fuel is in metric litres but economy and distance is in Imperial miles and gallons.

You can try out this app here by using it on the right.

What's an AIR Android app?
Is that different to a normal app?

An AIR Android app requires the Adobe AIR runtime in order to work - which is kind of like another app (and free). If the user already has this installed on the phone, then they won't notice anything when they install the Trip cost calculator. If they don't have AIR, they will first be prompted to download and install it.

Note that both this app and AIR require Android 2.2 or later.

Android App development

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