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Flash — Design and development

Flash can be used to either create an entire site, or to convey particular information such as an animation. Used widely over the web Flash offers Rich Internet Applications, video, games, banner advertisements and product demonstrations. Flash can offer a far more engaging user experience compared with just words and pictures.

Flash Websites and other applications

Entire websites can be created in Flash if desired. Flash has many uses where a dynamic animated moving site can do so much more for your brand or advertising campaign. Introduce interactive maps for example, allowing people to perhaps explore your premises or attractions. If your site is more product based, Flash can animate a 3D view and provide much more dynamic and stimulating information that a flat brochure or picture. Flash can also be used to explain industrial processes, create interactive maps and a wide variety of other multimedia.

Contact Galaxy Graphics to learn more about Flash Websites and other applications.

Flash Games

You can use the power of viral email and word of mouth to promote your products and services by using a novelty flash game. You can get more information on Flash games here.

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