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Technical InformationCommon technical problems: Flash doesn't work on iPad/iPhone

Well documented in the industry, Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod) do not allow Flash to run. The devices in question do not give the user any feedback on this problem, only leaving a hole in the webpage. So for good useability, if we use Flash on the page then we ought to tell them about it. The HTML code and Javascript below will do just that, first giving them an alert box and then later occupying the space left by the absence of Flash with a message.

<!-- Detect for Flash-unabled iPads and iPhones -->
<script type="text/javascript">
if (navigator.userAgent.match(/like Mac OS X/i)) {
alert('The content on this webpage requires a Flash enabled browser');
document.write('<p>The content on this webpage requires a Flash enabled browser.<\/p>');
document.write('<p>Please contact your device manufacturer for further information.<\/p>');
<!-- End of iPad/iPhone detection -->

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