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Game NewsThe 3D Art Gallery

3D Art GalleryA full 3D first-person environment that the user can walk around at will, created entirely in Flash. This is just an example of one type of room but there are many possibilities for this type of Flash application - create an entire 3D branded environment for maximum online engagement and interaction.
See it in action

Game NewsNew Flash games for 2011: The Parking Game and Blackjack

Two internet classics, Parking and Blackjack make their appearance in the Galaxy Graphics games portfolio. Click the images below for more information on each game. Also just in: Platform Ninja.

The Parking Game Blackjack

Game NewsFlash Games : Shooting Range

Galaxy Graphics moves into the 3rd dimension with "Shooting Range". Developed using 3D open source libraries plus the standard Galaxy Graphics game framework, then with bespoke code written to handle the gameplay aspects, this is just the start of what is possible using Flash and 3D together for interactive games and marketing.

Shooting Range 3D

Game NewsThree new games

Vector Blaster 3DScratchcards, Swinesweeper and Vector Blaster 3D are three new games from Galaxy Graphics. two classics and one topical game - Swinesweeper updates minesweeper with the big health story of 2009, Swine Flu.

More about Scratchcards | More about Swinesweeper | More about Vector Blaster


Game NewsFour new games for 2009

Swim RaceSwim Race , F-Sprint, Super Retro Tennis and Mechanical Claw grabber are four new games from Galaxy Graphics, introduced for spring 2009. Swim Race joins the other sports games by Galaxy Graphics, and benefits again from the wealth of rebranding and advertising opportunites that sports provide. Mechanical claw grabber is an educational game, where there player uses a claw such as those found in amusement arcades, selects a prize, "wins" it and then can learn more information about that product. F-Sprint is a Formula 1 game based around Brands Hatch and is an expanded version of the drift racing game engine, with opponent cars. Super Retro Tennis is a clone of the 80's arcade game "Pong" and is another addition to the library of classic arcade games.

More about Swim Race | More about F-Sprint | More about Super Retro Tennis | More about Mechanical claw grabber


Game NewsFlash wire buzzer game

Wire BuzzerJust like the real-life kids game: Guide the loop around the wire circuit and avoid touching the edges. Complete with buzzing sound and electric sparks. Perfect for re-creating with your logo as the shape of the wire.

Play Pubber (Opens a new Window)


Game NewsPing Pong - new flash game

Ping PongA single player game relying on speed of reactions and mouse skill, much as basketball keepie-up, but from a different perspective : Ping Pong. Much like the basketball game, Pingpong offers several branding opportunites on the title screen and the main game area

Play Ping Pong(Opens a new Window) or read more information


Game NewsPubber - A "Frogger" clone

FroggerAnother classic game for your website, Galaxy Graphics now offer a Flash version of Frogger, completely brandable and customisable for your marketing campaigns. This version replaces the classic frog with a guy, trying to make his way across town to get to the pub.

Play Pubber (Opens a new Window) or read more information.

Game NewsTalivan Launch- latest flash game

Talivan LaunchSince the success of "Speed Camera Killer", it seemed worth tackling this popular subject in a different way, so we now have Talivan Launch, where you get to fire a mobile speed camera van (Talivan) into the air with the intention of scoring points by bouncing it off Gatso Speed Cameras. Enjoy!

Play Talivan Launch (Opens a new Window) | More information


Game NewsTetris - Tetrevolution

TetrisAnother classic game for your website, Galaxy Graphics now offer a Flash version of Tetris, completely brandable and customisable for your marketing campaigns.

Play Tetris (Opens a new Window) or read more information.


Game NewsCaravan Toss - latest viral flash game

Caravan Toss GameGaining over 10,000 visits in its first day of release, Galaxy Graphics are pleased to offer yet another successful flash game available for licensing for your website or marketing campaign. Play Caravan Toss (Opens a new Window) or read more information.

Game NewsFuel Tax Revolt - viral flash game

Fuel Tax Revolt GameAnother game with a topical theme, the story that never goes way, UK petrol tax. Zap Gordon Brown with the tazer gun before he puts more tax on fuel. Let it get too expensive and it's game over. Play Fuel Tax Revolt (Opens a new Window) or read more information.

Game NewsLaunch of Galaxy Arcade - flash games website

Galaxy Arcade is a standalone showcase site for the custom web games designed by Galaxy Graphics. Launched in May 2006, the site is already gaining many visitors with its unique topical games, and its hi-score tables ensuring visitors check back again and again. Visit Galaxy Arcade | Learn more about this site design

Game NewsStop Bird Flu! ... viral flash game

Released on the strength of the topic on everyone's lips right now... Bird Flu. Do your bit to cull the chickens by shooting as many as you can across four countries in this flash game. Play Stop Bird Flu!

Game newsNews - Camera Killer 2 update

Looking for Camera Killer 2 ? This game has now gained over two million visitors since its release, peaking at over 8000 in one day. Imagine what this or a similar game could do for your website traffic. Play Camera Killer 2, or get more information about Flash game design.

Media NewsNews - Galaxy Graphics in the media

Galaxy Graphics Sentinel Article Galaxy Graphics was featured in the business section of the Staffordshire Sentinel, focussing on the design and effect of online web games.You can read the full article here [Opens new Window]

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