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  Formula 1 Sprint   SwimRace   Pull My Finger  
  Vector Blaster 3D   Bin Jumper   Minesweeper  
  Network Nazi   PingPong   Penalty Shootout  
  Talivan Launch   Camera Killer 2   Driving Games  
  Caravan Toss   Fruit Slot Machine   Snowman Skiiing  
  Stop Bird Flu   Parking Game   Basketball Keep Up  
  Fat Santa Game   Scratchcards   Memory Game  
  Greedy Banker Game   Wheel of Fortune   Wire Buzzer  

The games shown above are only a selection of the 50+ brandable Flash games available from Galaxy Graphics.

Full list of brandable games

How to place Flash games on your website.

The following code or similar is used to embed Flash into HTML

<object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" 
width="550" height="400"> <param name=movie value="p_asteroids.swf"> <param name=quality value=high> <param name="menu" value="false"> <embed src="p_asteroids.swf" quality=high menu="false"
type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="550" height="400"> </embed> </object>

Important notes

  1. The filename of the SWF file appears twice in the HTML. Once is for Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) and once is for Mozilla Firefox and other browsers. The first instance of the filename can be seen on the line "Param name=movie, value=". The second can been seen at "embed src=".
  2. The width and height of the game appear twice in the HTML. Again, once for IE and once for Firefox. It is important you get these figures correct otherwise the game will display incorrectly and may appear broken, fuzzy or problematic. The above example has a game of size 550 width and 400 height. The games supplied by Galaxy Graphics all have differing sizes and it is important you use the correct size for each game. Unless you've specified for a change in the dimensions of the game, the standard sizes are below (width x height)

Flash game dimensions in pixels

  • Avoid Responsibility 405x495
  • Asteroids 500x400
  • Basketball Keepie-up 600x500
  • Breakout 520x560
  • Caketris 340x545
  • Camera Killer 2 400x450
  • Caravan Toss 600x400
  • Drift Racing (All) 600x600
  • Electric Shock 675x400
  • Fruit Machine 550x400
  • Fuel Tax Revolt 589x336
  • Memory Game 535x430
  • Network Nazi 525x525
  • Penalty Shootout 720x400
  • PingPong 525x525
  • Pubber 550x650
  • Road Rage 400x450
  • Search for satisfaction 600x600
  • Stop Bird Flu 550x400
  • Space Invaders 520x560
  • Talivan Launch 670x460
  • Tetris 440x540
  • Wire Buzzer 635x530
  • Wheel of fortune 550x565

If your game is not on this list, please contact us for information on your game's dimensions.

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