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The games shown above are only a selection of the 50+ brandable Flash games available from Galaxy Graphics.

Full list of brandable games

Flash games: Client graphics submission guide.

Wherever possible if you're submitting graphics and artwork to Galaxy Graphics for inclusion in a game, then Flash is the perfect format. However, this is not always possible and Adobe Illustrator files are the next best thing. Please observe the following guidelines when submitting Adobe Illustrator files. A lot of these only apply to features of Illustrator you might use.

  • If you can send the graphics already in Flash (8 or earlier), then all the better
  • If using Illustrator, please save files as Adobe Illustrator 11 or earlier. This ensures all non-Flash compatible filters and effects are removed
  • Please use RGB as the document colour format, not CMYK otherwise you will not get the colours you expect
  • Pantone colours do not convert directly to Flash or any other web medium
  • Please convert all fonts to paths. If possible, also supply fonts in .TTF format (PC not Mac) just in case
  • Please do not use any of Illustrator's fancy Photoshop style filters. Blur, warp, etc
  • If you use any effects from the effects menu, or the warp/transform/distort, please expand the appearance before sending
  • If you use thick paths, 5pt or greater, then convert them to filled objects with expand, and they will appear more like you expect in Flash
  • Linear or Radial graduated fills will work fine. Mesh warp fills will not convert well into Flash.
  • Please flatten all transparency effects if you use them.

Specific game guidelines

The following items are worth noting for particular games, as they have specific requirements for how the graphics "work" inside the game.


The pices for Tetris are all created from squares. An "L" shaped Tetris piece is not an L shaped object, but four square graphics placed together to make an "L". If you are prepareing blocks for Tetris, please contact us and we can supply a visual guide for how this all works.

Stop Bird Flu!

Please note that all the scrolling backgrounds are specific lengths in comparison with each other and are made of specific aspect ratio tiles. Also, all three levels of background should tile to themselves at each end. Please contact us for more information if you're preparing backgrounds for this game or a variant of it.

Caravan Toss

The Caravan in Caravan toss is not one object, but several tiles placed together. This allows for the gradual damage which takes place at specific ares of the van. Please contact us for a diagram of this if preparing a new van for this game, or replacement flying object.

Fruit Machine / Slot Machine

The game does not blur the reels automatically. There are two versions of the graphic. One is a vector object in Illustrator, and the other is a pre blurred object created in either Fireworks or Photoshop, and should be supplied same size as the game, in PNG format.

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