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The games shown above are only a selection of the 50+ brandable Flash games available from Galaxy Graphics.

Full list of brandable games

"Avoid Responsibility" reflex test flash game

Baby iconOne of the most popular viral games is a simple reflex test. Drag one block around the screen and avoid both the edges of the play area and the other moving blocks. We've been sent a link to this game by countless people, so decided to do our own take on it. This version is aimed at the Maxim / Loaded / Nuts demographic and takes the form of avoiding responsibility. In this case, "lads" responsibilty in the form of babies, marriage, work and a mortgage. The method of play is as simple and addictive as the original, just with a twist on the theme.

This game (or a variant of it) can be licensed for your website - perfect for giving your visitors a laugh, a challenge and a reason to revist your site.

Rebrandable games such as this can help draw more traffic to your website and keep your visitors entertained. Use the power of viral emails and word-of-mouth to gain more traffic for your site. People pass these games on and on and on..

Play the game

Basic rebrandable game premise

Block Game SchematicThe underlying format of the game can be seen in the diagram on the right. This can be styled graphically to fit your website and products/services/content. The player is "P" and has to avoid the four blocks A, B, C and D, plus the edges. To rebrand the game to your site's theme, all that needs to be done is to switch the graphics.

Further Information :-

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