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The games shown above are only a selection of the 50+ brandable Flash games available from Galaxy Graphics.

Full list of brandable games

Flash game licensing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What brandable Flash games are available for licence from Galaxy Graphics?

A. The games currently available are all listed on this page.

Q2. What about the other games mentioned on this site?

A. Other games, such as Weapons Inspector and Fleshlight are bespoke games created especially for a particular client. These games belong to that client. Contact us if you require more information about bespoke flash game design.

Q3. What happens when I licence a Flash game from Galaxy Graphics and how long does the licence last?

A. You will receive a copy of the game in SWF (flash) format, and your own site's URL and/or business name will be added to the front page of the game. If you want other modifications, these can be quoted on. See also Question 7

Your licenced copy is a perpetual licence, meaning you can keep it on your site forever. There are no extra costs, the payment is a one-off fee.

Q4. How much will it cost me to license a Flash game?

A. Please contact us for information on game licence pricing.

Q5. I am outside the UK, can we still do business?

A. Certainly. Galaxy Graphics accepts PayPal payment or direct bank transfer for international clients and in addition to the UK, Galaxy Graphics has already licenced games to Holland, India, Denmark, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia, Singapore, Italy, Romania and the USA amongst others.

Q6. What if I want the game in another language?

A. If you provide us with translations, the games can be modified to include any language, including non-European character set languages such as Japanese, Russian and Arabic. You can see examples of games in other languages here, with "Speed Camera Killer" in Dutch, and "Stop Bird Flu!" in Chinese.

Q7. What about other modifications/branding?

A. The games available for license are fully brandable. Any other modifications to the games can be quoted on. Popular modifications include adding more logos, adding logo/advertising billboards (to the roadside objects in the driving games for example), changing the reel contents on the Fruit machine to products, etc. Adding a Hi-score table is also another popular modification. Contact us for more information on licenced game modifications.

Q8. How long will it take to get my licenced flash game?

A. Turnaround time is normally only 2-4 days if you require no modifications beyond your logo/url.

Q9. What are the Terms & Conditions?

A. A full set of Terms and Conditions are available. Set A for licensing a SWF file, and set B for licensing source code.

Q10. We are a design agency and want to licence/sell your game to our client without your company name on the front, is this possible?

A. Yes, we can and have done this when licensing to other design agencies. It is also possible we can provide a link to a "white label" version of any game.

Q11. We are a design agency and want to buy the source code for one of your games for our own project, so we can do the changes in-house.

A. This is possible for most of the games. Please use this contact form for more information.

Q12. We are a design agency and want to demonstrate you game to a client without them knowing the game is from Galaxy Graphics

A. This is possible for most of the games. Please use this contact form for directions to the white label online demo versions.

Q13. We want you to do the rebranding but we want to supply the graphics to you for this.

A. No problem. Please use this list of guidelines when preparing graphics for Flash.

Q14. Can I have a hi-score table?

A. Yes. However Flash cannot do this alone. There are other requirements from a web developer and the game's hosting server . More information on hi-score tables.

Q15. Do you have any Christmas themed games?

A. Yes. You can find more information on Christmas Flash games here.


Question not answered? Contact us here for more information

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